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08/24/14 10:14 AM #1    


Deb Berge (Gaddis)

I posted a message under message center, but didn't know if that was the correct spot.             Thank you reunion committe for such a fun video of the 45th !!!   I wish that I could have been there, but had another destination preplanned on those dates.  I will see y'all at the 50th my new email address is


08/25/14 09:46 AM #2    


Wendell Anderson

Not sure if this is the right place to send message, but I would also like to say thanks for the 45th reunion pictures.  So sorry I wasn't there!  Hopefully will make the 50th!

Wendell Anderson

08/26/14 03:40 PM #3    


Deanne Jones (Doherty)

     We had such a great time at the 45th Class Reunion parties!  Thank you very much to the 1969 Class Reunion committee planners as you did another fabulous job planning a good time for everyone!  It was so much fun to reconnect with so many good friends!  I figure that if I'm alive, healthy, and able, I should be there!  Life is wonderful!  I'm so happy that we went!  We thoroughly enjoyed the 45th Class Reunion video, also!!  I look forward to seeing you all at our big 50th reunion in just 5 years!  Take care and God bless you all!

08/27/14 07:53 AM #4    

Judy Swanson

Deanne, Still remember Willie and my misshaps. Still have his saddle. Still have three horses, all present for their births.It has been a wild ride. 


08/27/14 12:27 PM #5    


Ann Rawson (Sharp)

Sorry to miss the reunion but my daughter's was coming up! Thanks for the video. Had fun trying to put names to faces!

08/30/14 11:08 AM #6    


Debbie Gage

I am very sorry to have missed the reunion, especially after seeing all the pictures! I had a hard time matching names to faces, and it would have been fun to see everybody in person. If any of you pass through the Bay Area, please get in touch, and I promise to make it back for a reunion in the future.

09/11/19 09:18 AM #7    

Matthew Peterson


A month out from our 50th reunion.  I retired so I wouldn't have any conflicts or work reasons to not attend.  Plus I can rest up and bank some energy for reunion activities (e.g. dancing).  Hope that you are planning to come.  The reunion planning committee has organized a wonderful three day program that will be what-a-reunion-should-be:  rekindling friendships, remembering 1960's Mankato, cracking-up about adolescence, and maybe discovering that nostalgia about our high school years can be fun and therapeutic.  So many people I would like to see - hope we get a great turnout.  The most important part of our program planning has been about creating atmosphere and places for people just to have time to talk.  

Of course there are good reasons why some classmates can't  make it. Health, family duties, maybe work responsibities, may make it impossible for you to be in Mankato on October 10,11,12.   However, cost shouldn't be a reason.  Our Class bank account has funds espressly dedicated for reunion scholarships.  If you want to come, we can help make it happen (Sharon Anderson Borresen is our reunion treasurer - send scholarship requests to her at:

If you can't make it to the reunion, send me a video or a paragraph about what's going on in your life that we can share at the reunion.  

Tens of thousands of high school reunions happen each year.  Our MHS Class of '69 50th reunion will be among the best for design and execution - good food and drink, good places to meet and things to do.  All we need is good attendance to make it a great event.

At this 50th reunion, we'll have to talk about whether or not we should plan for a 55th and 60th events - what do you think?

If you have a moment, send a message of thanks to key reunion committee members: Sharon, Janet, Carol, Tom & Lynn.  Apitz and I are exhausted just trying to keep up with them.  See you in a month.

Call me if you need to be convinced to come:  952-994-5607.

Matt Peterson

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